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3B Visalia-style old-timer saddleCash's Classic 3B

Cash's 3B is a classic - deep, upright, small skirts, tall narrow horn, lightweight - a throwback to vaquero days. There are a couple of departures from the classic: Back cinch rigging slots in the skirts "just in case", and a cheyenne roll cantle binding rather than a pencil roll.

It also has buck rolls which are not yet in place, as they change the look of the saddle and I wanted the pictures to show the saddle without anything extra attached.

3B Visalia-style old-timer saddle

Custom, handmade wood/rawhide tree from Rod Nikkel
Seat length 14"
3-1/2" stock fork
4-1/4" Taylor cantle, 40 degrees and 1" dish, with a 3/4" beveled edge
3/4 in-skirt rigging
All-leather ground seat
Stainless steel hardware
Rawhide-braided stainless steel hobble ring
Hermann Oak skirting, Big Horn latigo
Cantle and horn binding stitched with coad-waxed Irish linen
Weber stirrups, 4" moran style with monel covers
Weight fully loaded 28 lbs

3B Visalia-style old-timer saddle 3B Visalia-style old-timer saddle  
3B Visalia-style old-timer saddle with inlaid agate  
3B Visalia-style old-timer saddle with 5/8 rigging 3B Visalia-style old-timer saddle  

rod nikkel saddle tree

The Rod Nikkel tree in this saddle






























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