The Chisum-Mack

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C & M's Modified 3B

My customer Randy wanted a custom saddle for his birthday, one that would fit him and both of his horses (named Chisum and Mack). He had Rod Nikkel build the tree for him and send the tree to me to build the saddle on it. It's a 3B, modified for a stouter horn.

The stirrups in the pictures are my normal stirrups - the saddle will be shipped without them as he will put his own stirrups on the saddle.

This saddle was special in that I had to get a custom stamp made to match the border on his existing pommel bags, which had also been made with a custom stamp. He wanted a simple saddle, just a serpentine, or "carlitos", border, but matching the "dog bone" stamp in that border was a challenge. Barry King Tools came through and made me a custom stamp that matched a picture of the pommel bag borders.


Rod Nikkel tree
3B, stood-up
All-leather groundseat
4-1/4" fork, to accomodate a stout 3" horn
Cantle 4-1/2", 40 degrees, Taylor style, 1" dish
Hermann Oak skirting, Bighorn latigo
Stainless steel hardware
3/4 spider rigging with back rigging dees and back cinch/billets "just in case"
Crupper dee
Rawhide-braided hobble ring
Weight w/o stirrups 30 lbs































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