Speedy's 3B Saddle

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Speedy's Modified 3B

My customer Johanna wanted a "dream" saddle - a 3B for her wonder horse Speedy (registered Paint name "Excess") with windmills on it (think Moulin Rouge, Don Quixote, chasing dreams). This 3b is modified with a longer fork front-to-back to accommodate a larger horn (for her special custom-made horn cap concho).

Half-tooled freehand floral
All-leather ground seat
3/4 single inskirt rigging
Wood/rawhide tree from Rod and Denise Nikkel
Seat 15-1/2"
Cantle 5", 40 degrees
Wood post horn, 3" tall, cap 4"
Hermann Oak leather, Big Horn latigo
Bork bronze rigging rings, Solid brass buckles and dees

Weight 30 lbs


These are pictures of the "Speedy" in process.

Rod Nikkel tree

I always hate to cover the Nikkel's trees with leather because they are so pretty!

Custom, handmade wood/rawhide tree from Rod Nikkel
Seat length 15-1/2"
5" Taylor cantle, 40 degrees and 1" dish
3/4 single inskirt rigging
All-leather ground seat
Bronze hardware from Herb Bork
Hermann Oak skirting, Big Horn latigo
Cantle binding, horn cap, and rigging rings handstitched with coad-waxed Irish linen

Rod Nikkel tree Rod Nikkel tree  

Rod Nikkel saddle tree

Rod Nikkel always marks the important centerlines on the wood before rawhiding - this is SO useful to a saddlemaker!

The strainer layer for the all-leather ground seat is formed and drying.



Initial skirt and rigging plate patterns are laid out.

Skirts are "blocked" to envelope the tree bars.



Off-side skirt and rigging are tooled and assembled, waiting on more fitting and then woolskins, and the back jockeys have been fitted and tooled.

The horn cap is hand-stitched with coad-waxed Irish linen, made large enough for the custom concho.



The cantle back has an inlaid Larimar stone (also called Dolphin stone) from the Dominican Republic.

The gorgeous custom horncap concho, with an inlaid Larimar stone. Made by Shawn Didyoung, Cowboy Engraving. Why the windmill? Think Don Quixote and chasing dreams.


The seat is fitted in and drying. Everything is temporarily assembled until the end, when all the puzzle pieces are fitted and finished and oiled and permanently assembled.


Speedy, waiting for his new saddle





























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