Willow's 3B Saddle

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Willow's classic plain 3B

My customer Geoff has a sweet little mare named Willow. He saw a picture of one of my earlier 3B saddles and wanted it so badly that his charming fiance Cassidy had me build it for him for a Christmas present. This is that completely plain classic 3B saddle, with just the letter "C" on the cantle back to commemorate the gift from his fiance.

Classic 3B saddle

All-leather ground seat
3/4 single spider rigging
Wood/rawhide tree from Rod and Denise Nikkel
Seat 15-1/2"
Cantle 4-1/2", 40 degrees, Taylor style
Wood post horn, 3" tall, cap 3"
Hermann Oak leather, Big Horn latigo
Bork bronze rigging rings, solid brass buckles, dees and rings

Weight 30 lbs

Visalia-style 3B saddle

I call this a classic 3B because it's inspired by the original 3B saddles made by the Visalia Stock Saddle Company in California in the 1930's. They made the vaquero saddles in those days and established the Visalia style that I'm trying to keep alive today because it's such a good saddle.


Visalia-style 3B saddle Classic 3B saddle
Visalia-style 3B saddle Classic vaquero saddle





























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