The Avalon

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The Avalon is named for customer Lydee's memories of Catalina, where she honeymooned. Catalina is a small island off the coast of California, full of abalone, datura (jimson weed), and wild goats.

The Avalon is a Visalia-style, classic 3B with abalone shell conchos, an abalone cabochon inlaid in the horn cap, and line-cut datura flowers.

From Lydee:
"I have to tell you something truly amazing. Yes, as I expected from reading your website, I'm a better rider in your saddles than I was before, but it's more than that, more than just being better positioned and better balanced. My communication with the horses is better, and I'm not just talking use of leg and balance aids. I'm talking about psychic communication, being really one mind/body unit with the horse. I had Queenie out yesterday. We've had a wet and wild winter,and I hadn't been on the Queen for a while and she was a pistol. But it was no big deal, I just rode her calmly through her excitement and we had a great time. I really felt part of her and I think she felt it too."

Visalia-style 3B saddle

Custom, handmade wood/rawhide tree from Harry Mari
3-1/2" fork
3" horn
4-1/2" Taylor cantle, 40 degrees
3/4 single "spider" ring rigging
All-leather ground seat
Bronze hardware from Herb Bork
Hermann Oak skirting, Big Horn latigo
Custom handmade abalone shell conchos
Cantle binding stitched with coad-waxed Irish linen

Weight fully loaded 30 lbs

Visalia-style 3B saddle Visalia-style 3B saddle
Visalia-style 3B saddle Visalia-style 3B saddle
Visalia-style 3B saddle Visalia-style 3B saddle
Queenie in her new saddle  































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