Buckaroo saddle

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This wood/rawhide tree by Rod and Denise Nikkel at Nikkel Trees is almost too beautiful to cover with leather.

The old-time spider rig is a 4'-diameter bronze ring that hangs halfway between centerfire and full, and is screwed to the topside of the tree bars, both front and rear, like the flat-plate rig (just as sturdy but with less leather under your leg and less weight).

The seat has a gentle dome or crown that doesn't leave you sitting on a flat, hard plate, and gives you a very comfortable close contact with your horse. The tooling is Julia's signature decorative cuts.


The cantle is 3-1/2" high, with space in the center of the tooling for a little silver.

The rear jockeys and skirts are laced with roo.



Another view


Full profile

The butterfly skirts, which cut up under the fenders, have two purposes/benefits: lighter weight, and less leather between your leg and your horse.


This is how a 3/4 rig sits on a horse.

This one has a mane-hair cinch, but any natural animal-hair cinch will stay in place comfortably without being more than snug.













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