Here are some other terrific websites to check out-

Rod Nikkel Saddle Trees - Rod and his wife Denise build the wonderful saddle trees on which I build most of my saddles. They also have a terrifically informative website where you can learn all about tree construction, fit, and all things associated with saddle trees. Although Rod has retired, the website is still up (thank you, Denise!).

Dusty Smith Trees - My new treemaker, schooled by Rod Nikkel.

California Classics - Everything you can think of in the vaquero/californio tradition - the best hackamores anywhere, mecates, bits, silver, books, DVDs, and more from a knowledgeable and helpful staff.

North Bay Forge - Hand forged wood carving knives - straight knives, bent knives, drawknives, adzes, scorps, gouges. New items include bush knives in three sizes - scary sharp, brutally sturdy, the 'everything' knife you want to have on your belt when you are working (and playing) out and about.

Firesteed Farm - A full-service breeding and training facility specializing in breeding arabian and half-arabian horses that are not only beautiful on the outside, but with beautiful, trainable minds, and great athletic ability. Our passion is to help you reach your goals with your horse.  Helping the amateur rider to communicate with their horse is what we love to do.

Villi Pony Farm - a Newfoundland Pony sanctuary and education center who are trying to save a dwindling breed.

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